Beneath the Poisoned Roots

Barnard Publishing
May 15, 2024By Barnard Publishing

Beneath the Poisoned Roots is a short story fantastical horror collection, written and published by students of Bangor University Creative Writing MA and Publishing and Book Culture MA years 2021-2022.

Ceridwen by Alys Hall is a retelling of popular Welsh folklore. Alys uses her knowledge of her culture to weave colourful imagery of a young forest witch who wants to protect her woodland friends.

The Mirror of Darkness by Jennifer Atzori blurs the lines between dreams and reality and the horror of your own reflection. Jennifer uses body horror and gore in thrilling ways that make that pit in your stomach even deeper.

Whispers on the Wind by Alastair Raper joins Jennifer Atzori in with vivid descriptions of shadows with claws and horrifying screams as he explores the demise of some troopers summoned to an abandoned village.

Child of the Trees by Bow Soane dives into the mysteries of the woods and what lives within. Bow tells the story of a young woman delving into the darkness to save her family, willing to do whatever it takes.

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