Illustration of a tree with a door in the trunk

Beneath the Poisoned Roots

Fantastical horror, published 2022, by Alys Hall, Alastair Raper, Jennifer Atzori and Bow Soane.

Illustration of a dead tree with  visible roots

Beyond the Withered Roots

Fantastical horror, published 2022, by El Rose, Alys Hall, Alastair Raper, Matthias Bolata, and Moira Espinosa.

illustration of a red, realistic heart surrounded by roots

Bestow these Mortal Roots

Fantastical horror, published tbd, by Alastair Raper, Ben Fitzsimmons, El Rose, Imogen Morgan, and James Morfa

Illustration of four women, dressed in medieval era clothing, each with their names above or below them; Rhiannon, Bronwen, Olwen, Arianhrod.

Into The Light

Welsh folklore retelling, published 2022, by Alys Hall

Illustration of a beach at night, with a small bonfire

The Fisherman

Poetry collection exploring neurodiversity through a single experience, published 2023, by El Rose.

Graphic design of a black and white suit

Mastering Financial Planning

Financial planning non-fiction, published 2023, by Robert Lewis.

Illustrative title

Poems of a Teenage Dyslexic

Poetry collection from the perespective of a young, black, neurodiverse woman, published 2023, by Lira Lewis.

Illustrations of several wild animals; bat, rat, toad, badger, shark, and snake

That's Not True!

Children's non-fiction, published 2023, by Lacey King and Keira Rodgers.

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