Beyond the Withered Roots

Barnard Publishing
May 15, 2024By Barnard Publishing

Beyond the Withered Roots is a short story fantastical horror collection, the second book in the Roots trilogy, written by Bangor University Creative Writing MA students years 2021-2022.

If I Should Die Before I Wake by Moira Espinosa follows a police investigation into a mysterious death. Consisting of reports and diary entries, we read along with the lead detective to discover how it came to be that the last detective was driven mad.

Bloods Call by Alastair Raper throws Inior into the clutches of a bloodthirsty cult in the midst of their final ritual. In a darkened cave where he is being held, Inior will try to escape by any means necessary, or die trying.

Arianrhod by Alys Hall, also seen in Into The Light, retells the story of a feud that destroys a family, and brings them together anew. Welshness and betrayal are evident throughout, and Alys reflects the myths and legend in a present light.

Casting In Blood by El Rose tells the tale of two lovers, bound by fate and magic down a path of no return. El frames queerness through the lens of those who belong together, but who get torn apart by those around them

That Which Follows You Back by Matthias Bolata plays with present tense as we explore a modern world where the monster is always right behind you. Matthias keeps you on the edge of your seat as you stop yourself from turning to see what’s behind you.

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